Sports Clubs To Benefit from Stimulus Initiative Package

Today Grand Final Technologies (GFT) announced they are launching a program under the
ActiveKIT initiative being delivered by the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport
(DTIS) in collaboration with Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

The new partnership is with GFT, the Department of Tourism, Innovation, and Sport, and the
Gold Coast based Registered Training Organisation, Prestige Service Training.
The program is aimed at strengthening Queensland sports clubs and getting the community
more active.

The initiative will provide education, employment, and mentoring programs for our aspiring
sportsmen and women aged 18 to 35. Improve the health and well-being of the wider
community. Add a revenue stream to Clubs up to $30,000 a year.

“We are excited to support these projects to actively boost Queenslanders’ health and
wellbeing in city, regional, rural and First Nations communities,” said Health and Wellbeing
Queensland Chief Executive, Dr Robyn Littlewood. “Some Queenslanders are missing out
on the benefits of exercise while trying to balance the commitments of 2022. We know 59
per cent of adults and 46 per cent of kids aren’t active enough to make a noticeable
difference to health and wellbeing.”

The ActiveKIT program aims to improve these rates by investing in innovative ways to stay
fit and healthy. We are excited to support these projects to actively boost Queenslanders’
health and wellbeing in city, regional, rural and First Nations communities.”

“Player welfare is important to us. As a coach I’m thrilled to be involved in a program that
supports players past, present, and future.”

Mepi Faoagali, General Manager, Grand Final Technologies

“Sports Clubs are such an important part of our community. I support any initiative that helps
the survival and growth of community clubs. In providing employment and career pathways
for athletes following their dreams, or transitioning out of their sport, it’s extremely important
to support our local sports clubs.”

Matt Denny, Australian Olympian & Pelleres Ambassador.

“We want to help sports clubs who are struggling. Mentoring and employment programs are
great for mental health. The life and business skills experienced will be beneficial on and off
the field.”

Adam Bowcutt, Communications Director, Grand Final Technologies.

The benefits of this new partnership include.
● An education, employment, and mentoring program for up and coming sportsmen
and women.
● A program directly targeting the community to get more active and healthier using
innovative systems and devices developed in Queensland.
● Increased Sports Club income, minimum $30,000 per year.

4pm, Wednesday April 27, 2022
Adam Bowcutt
Communications Director
Grand Final Technologies (GFT)
[email protected]
0404 242 728
Brisbane, Queensland

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