Queensland’s Fastest 18 Year Old Prepares For The Nationals

Queensland’s Fastest 18 Year Old Prepares For The Nationals

After the recent 2022 Queensland Track & Field State Titles we sat down with one of Queensland’s fastest teenagers, Rory Easton, to talk about his training and the upcoming Nationals Titles.

Q.  What does it feel like to be officially one of Queensland’s fastest 18 year old? 

It doesn’t feel any different from last week to be honest.  But I really want to thank my parents who have given me so much support.

Rory Easton, Queensland’s fastest 18 year old, modelling Blue Pelleres.

It’s a good feeling when it comes together in a race.  I ran a PB in the 200m where I finished 3rd.  My 100m wasn’t a PB but to finish fastest (equal) in my age-group is a good achievement.  

Q. Tell us about being a track athlete.

I enjoy being a track athlete.  There is a lot of discipline in training which helps me in other areas of life.

Being a Sprinter is different from playing in a team because there is no one else to blame if something goes wrong.  There are no real excuses, it’s all you.  

I’m very lucky because I’ve got a great squad to train with.  There are older and younger athletes in my squad which helps keep competition going.

The thing with racing is that there are so many things which can go wrong on the day.  It’s such a test of resilience, focus, and concentration.  

I’m just enjoying the moment. My goal is to be the best Sprinter I can be.

Q. Tell us about Pelleres?

Pelleres have definitely helped in my conditioning.  There is no other product or device like it.  My coach and I use them for my upper body strength and power.  We do a lot of functional fitness using Pelleres.    

I’ve found my rhythm, balance, and power have all improved.  I enjoy the Pelleres sessions because, not only do I know they work, but, it’s something different and keeps my training varied and interesting.  

Training at UQ with Pelleres
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