The Holy Grail in Fitness Training

The Holy Grail in Fitness Training

It is the essential component of every training regime because without it success is not possible.  It is for beginners to elite athletes, and all sports coaches agree. 

I’m talking about specificity.  

Without sports specific training there would be no improvement in performance or results.  Collectively and intuitively everyone understands its importance. But the question that needs asking is, how do we apply it?  That is an infinite answer.  

Repeating game or event-specific movements, with varying resistance, is the foundation for improving both technique and power.  Two important factors that make up the sum of performance.  How do you make the most of sports specific training?

Daily sports specific training is the standard.  Furthermore, it provides an excellent opportunity to understand the mental requirements of the event.  With less pressure but with a “game” intensity, a more controlled performance can take place. 

An understanding of the cause and effect of any training event is part of the success journey.  Gaining knowledge and mixing with experience brings wisdom.  

The wisdom to know there is a balance between sports specific and non-sports specific training.  Recognizing that both are vital and that a sweet spot exists for your peak performance.   

With best practice systems the benefits of sports specific training  include patterns of movement are improved, stabilizer muscles are strengthened, the cardiovascular system is running more efficiently.  In summary more power is generated, using less energy

Rate of injury is a good indicator of specific vs non-specific levels.  If you’re injury-free bravo, maintain that balance.  

Sports specific training is as varied as each athlete and sport.  Some great examples are sports/sprint drills, wearable weights, water sessions, sensory controls, thera bands, light weights, instability platforms (wobble boards)

An example of some sports-specific functional fitness for rugby players.